8th Ward Residents, Neighbors, Friends, Brothers, Sisters, and Saint Louis City Family, 

I was born and raised in Saint Louis City and have been an 8th Ward homeowner for 9 years. I am a past President and Vice President of the Shaw Neighborhood Improvement Association, a former board member of the Shaw Neighborhood Housing Corporation, and a block captain. My experiences growing up around crime and poverty have developed in me a sense of leadership and passion for my Ward and City. I'm ready to bring that insight to the Board of Aldermen - not for political gain - but for the well being of my neighbors and the health of our region.


Why I'm Running for Alderman

- Reduce crime through youth programs and access to employment opportunities by donating half of my aldermanic salary

- Support much needed street calming efforts and sidewalk improvements

- Improve constituent services and beautification efforts

- Propose a real estate tax free for low income families or seniors with low to moderate income that have lived in their current         home for at least a decade

- Build equitable communities through strong neighborhood organizations 

- Create - not just co-sponsor - progressive legislation that promotes healthy growth